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My boyfriend and I have been going out for about two months now. We hadn't had any sex yet, but we had planned a trip to Vegas and both knew something was bound to happen. I packed all I thought necessary: thongs, bikini, tight jeans, short shorts, and some bras (aside from my regular clothes). We decided it would be cheaper to drive than pay an airfare. We left at about 5 pm and by 8 it was pitch black outside.
We had been vigorously talking and continued a strong conversation. At a red light, my boyfriend put his hand on my leg and gently rubbed. I returned the small favor by rubbing his semi-hard cock through his jeans. He slid his hand down my pants to my clit and rubbed that too. We both knew what was coming. We barely made it past that green light before he pulled over into a small wooded area isolated from everything else. We both leaped into the back seat and started out slow -- first gentle kissing, then rubbing, then making out.
His cock was harder than ever and I quickly un-zipped his jeans while he pulled down my jeans and my thong. He pulled off my shirt and bra and began sucking my tits. We were making each other so hot. I begged him to fuck me, no condom -- I didn't care. He stuck his rock hard cock into my wet cunt and thrust hard. It felt amazing. He continued until he came in me and I came on him. He returned to sucking my tits before I grabbed his cock and gave him a BJ. We finished by him eating me out and then passionately making out. It was the best sex I've ever had!

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